Flares are back on Trend - by Emma Rose




Sooooo, the time has come and 'flares' are back and to be honest, i think hotter than ever! If your like me, and completely devoted to the 'skinny' leg jean or pants, this may not be easy .. but honestly first step is finding a pair that flatter your shape and the hard part is done. So push your skinny’s aside and let me remind you of the magic that shape brings. Luckily, the flares coming out this season are much more flattering and sophisticated than that of the 'hippy' 70's flare. And my fav in anything mid to high waisted.
NOW, you do not need to be stick thin to rock flares (which suits me as i have curves curves curves) so don't be afraid ladies …. The flares trending at the moment suit all body types, which is another WIN! Now theres all different types of flares, �Jean Flares ( which i love and J Brand have a half flare which is zoo hot but practically impossible to get) full flares, pant flares and half flares.

My favourite thus far are the 'HIGH FLARE PANT' from www.studioniche.com.au. �Why? �They are so flattering around the hips and waist, and being high waisted suck in the tummy area and accentuate my waist. The material is a poly-cotton blend and not 'bulky' so don't add any extra size like some denim flares can. AND black goes with anything and this style can be dressed up or down, there versatile and can be styled in any way. You can purchase directly here angels … What to look for when searching for the 'perfect flares' (well i believe anyway) - Aim for mid to high waist (hipster flares require a very very slim shape to be flattering, in my opinion) - A half or from knee flare, mid thigh flares can be a little over whelming and hide your shape. - Pick a thinner denim over a thicker one, its more slimming and flattering around the hips and upper thighs. To finish, here are some of my fav celebs in flares …. i told you, everyones doing it xx



Any questions, comment below angels. �Hope you've enjoyed

Much love

EM xx